Wedding Sand Ceremony Tradition


Your wedding marks the beginning of your interesting journey to life and love. This explains why quite a few traditional union ceremonies are observed during weddings. Incorporating these practices into your wedding will make it more special and meaningful. However, this doesn't mean that you need to squeeze everything into your wedding. You just have to select one. Observing a wedding sand ceremony creates a great choice for it doesn't just involve the new couple but their families also.


The unity sand ceremony is a great idea for your wedding compared to any other unity ceremony. It presents a much more personalized solution to the widely observed unity candle service. It's a perfect complement to beach themed wedding, even though it might seem more of traditional theme weddings. Observing a wedding sand ceremony might be a first time to you family. Hence, it provides you with the chance to bring a new and meaningful family wedding tradition.


The Sandsational Sparkle sand is used to demonstrate the union of the wedding couple and their families. Traditionally, coloured sand is used, one colour to signify the love and affection of the groom and a different colour for the affection and love of the bride. With that, two separate vials of sand are prepared. After the exchange of rings, the bride and the groom will come together with their vial of coloured sand. Together, they'll pour the sand into a colourless vase, representing their unity as husband and wise. The amalgamated pattern of the sand generated by the colour reflects their newly formed union. The vase where the coloured sand is poured signifies how a marriage can contain all.


One good thing about wedding sand ceremonies is that it may involve the two households, especially the couple parents. As an indicator of giving their blessing to the marriage, the traditional unity sand ceremony was modified in many ways. In certain events, the parents of the couple are called upon to participate and represent their families with a different colour of sand. The amalgamated sand patterns that they produce will then represent the couple's and their families' newly formed union. Read to gain more info about weddings.


Apart from possibly being among the highlights of your wedding, the ceremony also helps you remember how special your wedding was. It'll remind you how profoundly touched and overwhelmed you and your spouse's family was in your decision to involve them in the ceremony. Traditional wedding sand ceremony is something to keep in mind on your wedding.

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